Bangalore, renowned as the IT capital of India provides high-paying employment prospects in the IT sector. Residents who are transitioning to become first-time property investors are considering to relocate to emerging parts of the city to embrace true connectivity and Eco-friendliness. The rise in social infrastructure has increased the demand for affordable residential structures. With continuous infrastructure development around prominent parts of the city, the conservation of the Eco-system has been compromised. The sudden rise and fall in temperature have depleted natural resources like lakes and other water bodies. Destruction of existing green covers has resulted in less rainfall and extensive utilization of renewable resources like water. To combat this adversity, renowned property developers are on the verge of devising Eco-friendly amenities that cater to diverse residential expectations and sustainable ways of living. Godrej Ananda is an upcoming residential apartments in Bagalur Road, Bangalore where one can invest into it.

Godrej Ananda Bangalore

Usage of toxic chemicals during property construction releases harmful greenhouse gases that are contributing to polluting the environment. With evident water shortage situations in Bangalore, developers end up increasing maintenance charges which isn’t helping maintaining transparency with customers. Employing strategies to construct green buildings is no more a constraint that developers should aspire. It has more or less become a necessity in order to provide eco-friendly conditions and cater to the rising demands at the same time. Emerging localities in Bangalore are engulfed by industrial areas that are contributing to carbon emission which isn’t healthy for the environment by any stretch of imagination. Let’s now take a look at some green amenities that developers can incorporate to spread an eco-friendly presence.

Reuse and recycle renewable resources

Certain features of a residential project are important and it is crucial to make use of such resources for reusage and recycling benefits. For instance, construction of residential spaces requires enormous amounts of water which ends up expensive. This has resulted in realtors partnering with private organizations for everyday supply of water. This has in turn backfired as the rest of the city runs short of the normal required supply. To counter this, realtors should formulate or devise on-site recycling programs so even the customers can benefit and work together as a community. Ecological ways of living go a long way as prospective investors can have a lifestyle shift to something meaningful and fulfilling. For instance, employing amenities like rainwater harvesting can save the excess water that is being utilized and recycled for other purposes like gardening. Organic waste disposal and sewage treatment techniques can not only help spread a pleasant environment, but would even act as a standard selling point of the project.

Embracing a resort like feeling within the project

This is yet another important aspect that builder should consider. Residents typically expect residing at locations that are far away from the city for a calm and secluded environment. Absence of amenities like landscaped gardens, walking trails for pets, trees planted along sidewalks and green rooftops can adversely affect the credibility of the project. This indeed helps reduce the population so in-house residents can provide a clean and fresh living environment for their children as well.

Sustainable electricity utilization amenities

Saving electricity has always been a concern for residents who look for potential property investments. Incorporating solar panels is a great way to monitor and utilize minimum electricity. Property developers can save up significantly by installing state of the art solar panels and utilize those extra funds into developing other facets of the project. Investing surplus funds into solar panels is eventually going to pay off resulting in formidable returns.

In conclusion, utilizing these amenities in the best possible way would provide eco-friendly benefits and enhance the possibility of a glorious lifestyle for the entire family. As far as the developers are concerned, with cost reduction practices, builders can allocate resources in order to provide fascinating living spaces and contribute to conserving a balanced environment.

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